Triple Section Straight LadderTriple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder Supplier Iraq

Triple Section Straight Aluminum Ladder Supplier Iraq as a non-self-supporting ladder, requires some type of anchor at the topmost portion. These ladders are portable. However, they lack hinges, which would allow them to take up less room while not in use. They require a strong wall to prop against, and their lack of a second side allows you to get closer to the wall than a stepladder would. As a result, these ladders are ideal for roofing, building, and outside maintenance tasks such as gutter cleaning.

Its customizable length is what sets it apart. Extension ladders for sale are made up of three components that run on guided tracks to offer extra length as needed. They have rope and pulley systems that connect to the adjustable parts to help with extension.

Because these ladders on rent can be adjusted, they are a versatile solution for works that require you to reach high heights while also having close access to the project site. Roofing, construction, and numerous maintenance chores are examples of these undertakings.


  • Square-shaped rungs that are large and pleasant
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Ladder of the extendable type
  • Suitable for use by a single person
  • The Rigid aluminum locking hook moves easily in rope and pulley.
  • Working load that is safe 150Kgs

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