Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional SupportAluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support in iraq 

Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support is a framework that is ideal for day-to-day site activities like fortifying, covering, and cementing. Work execution improves as a result of the high level of well-being in the working areas because of this scaffolding for sale. It is a very supportive tower that allows the operator to work safely at heights. It is ideal for conducting everyday tasks on construction sites due to its excellent endurance.

Its high tensile strength and resistance to a variety of non-supportive materials provide complete security to workers performing tasks such as fortifying, covering, and cementing.

This tower’s nylon wheels incorporate a foot brake system for four side corners nonslip. Extra grip flat stairs provide excellent leg grip and a chequered sheet for the platform’s top. Furthermore, all pipes are supported by this scaffolding made of aluminum alloy.

They offer extra safety for the employees and allow for more flexible working. It is present at construction sites to assist employees in making adjustments or fixing the exterior and interior of a structure due to its exceptional qualities.

Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support iraqFeatures:

  • All of the pipes are of aluminum alloy he 30 grade t6 Temper.
  • A step with a diameter of 50mm and a height of 2.5mm.
  • Nylon wheels with foot brake systems, as well as an outside trigger for four side corner nonslip
  • Extra-grip flat corrugated mullion steps with high-quality leg grip chequered sheet for platform top
  • Maximum operating load: 270 kg.

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