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Platform Aluminum Ladder Supplier Iraq is a self-supporting portable ladder with a platform at the maximum intended standing level that is not changeable in length. It has a hinged shape for easy storage and is meant for single usage. A railing higher than the platform surface should surround the top platform on three sides.

It ranges in length from 2 feet to 18 feet, measured from the bottom of the side rail to the top of the platform. The maximum work height is calculated by adding the user’s height and reach to the Platform Ladder’s highest standing level. All four of its side rails require level ground support.

To avoid tipping the ladder over sideways over-reaching, the user must climb or operate with the body in the center of the steps or platform. Also, never try to relocate the ladder without first descending, moving it, and then re-climbing.

Always face the ladder and maintain a firm grip when ascending or descending it. And do not attempt to carry any other objects in your hand while climbing.


  • It is simple to move between the stool and the straight position.
  • The platform delivers a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Handling and folding are simple.
  • Guardrail for safety
  • Use by a single person, with entry from the front.
  • Platform and foot are resistant to slipping.
  • The rubber hugs the feet.
  • Strong step joints.
  • Carry Workplace Safety Load up to 100kgs.

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