Mobile Stairway Scaffolding Supplier IraqMobile Stairway Scaffolding supplier in Iraq

Aluminum Mobile Stairway Scaffolding Supplier Iraq is a popular and dependable scaffold among consumers. We ensure the quality of mobile aluminum scaffolding for sale by inspecting the equipment in various factors and creating industry standards. These access towers are unique in that they have a safe landing every 2 meters. Furthermore, it ensures a safe stroll at each stair by giving handrail protection on both sides of the steps.

It is both adaptable and long-lasting. Because of its weather resistance, it is a useful product for outdoor activities. Our Aluminum Mobile Stairway Scaffolding on rent is easier to install and remove due to its lightweight. Corrosion and rust resistance improve equipment safety and durability and are frequently put into use- in the trade industry.

The features of this scaffolding provide simple access to the working area, which is critical for the operator to undertake safe operations. This metal steps ladder with rails set up in parallel and zig-zag patterns. Each step on the scaffold tower staircase is 28cm long, with a stairway width of 60cm. Aluminum folding staircases are available in a variety of sizes as per the demand. It is also adjustable to fit regular sizes.

Mobile Stairway Scaffolding supplier IraqFeatures:

  • Every 2 Meters, a safe landing is made.
  • Every stairwell is safe to walk down because it has handrails on both sides. The staircase also has anti-slip steps.
  • A big trap door is there on the platform for easy access to the working area.
  • Stairs are present- in both zigzag and parallel configurations.
  • The width of the stairwell is 55cm, and the step distance is 19cm.

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