Folding Scaffolding Supplier IraqFolding Scaffolding supplier in Iraq

Folding Scaffolding supplier Iraq easily construct and remove scaffold by a single person. The aluminum rapid stage scaffold dual braking system is equipped with caster wheels, allowing it to be readily relocated. Also, the folding scaffolding mechanism is fully welded and safe.

It is especially useful for indoor tasks. This tower has a unique feature that allows the user- to fold it up from one side. The Foldable Aluminum Tower is highly handy in compact spaces when the working area is very small. Because of its compact size, it is easy to fold and transport through doors.

These portable scaffold towers are tiny scaffold towers. Vans can accommodate a folding scaffold tower. Also, there are knee rail braces and a handrail on each aluminum work platform with movable legs, which are essential for working at heights. Each foldable scaffolding equips with a platform and adjustable legs.

Folding Scaffolding supplier IraqFurthermore, working at heights necessitates knee rail branches and handrails. Hence, it is an excellent alternative for transporting flexible materials from one location to another. These scaffolding on rent are ideal for transporting items from one place to another. Building a scaffold tower is a simple and quick process. It is a factory-made and thoroughly tested product. Moreover, a single person can assemble and disassemble it, and it fits neatly into a vehicle. The folding mechanism allows for simple storage.


  • The folding mechanism allows for convenient transit and storage.
  • The unit assembles and dissembles by a single person.
  • A dual braking system with the caster wheels.
  • Thoroughly welded with a folding mechanism.

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