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Double Width Scaffolding supplier Iraq enables hassle-free and quick access to various heights while also providing a stable platform. It is often manufactured to satisfy the needs of the Construction, Industrial, and Manufacturing trades industries. Also, they necessitate swift mobility, quick assembly, and lightness in scaffoldings.

Our aluminum scaffolding on rent comes in a variety of base widths and lengths to meet the needs and specifications of our clients. Moreover, they are applicable in the building and construction industry for outside access solutions to give a secure and stable platform. The highly versatile scaffolding is ideal for installation and maintenance operations, providing safe working platforms at various heights.

Double Width Scaffolding supplier iraqFeatures

  • Every frame is a ladder frame- there are no mix-ups to delay or jeopardize personnel installing or utilizing the tower.
  • Frames are lightweight for easier transportation while maximizing strength by fully welding all joints and improving safety.
  • All frame rungs are castellated tube, which provides a climbing grip and prevent debris from becoming stuck on the surface.
  • For a larger working area, a double-platform tower is used. The ladder frame enables an easy ascension to the summit.
  • Easier to assemble/disassemble, non-corrosive, and visually pleasing.
  • Heavy sturdy 8′′ wheels with brake and release options, capable of carrying up to 500kg per wheel.
  • Possibility of working at several heights at the same time.


Areas We Serve:

ARESScaffolding Iraq assists building and construction firms with outside access solutions and secure scaffolding materials. Our scaffolding for sale is easy to install and has highly adaptable platforms for working at a variety of heights.

Every time our supplier and manufacturer scaffolding company provide our items to a customer, we ensure that they trust us and make full use of our products. Because we gave them the best after-sales service. So, our clients can contact us at any time and have any of their questions answered by our skilled team.

In brief, we have supplied our Aluminum Scaffolding products to customers in Iraq, Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil, Abu Ghraib, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, and Amara.