Double Section Straight LadderDouble Section Extension Ladders Supplier Iraq

Double Section Straight Ladder Supplier Iraq provides numerous advantages and makes them a better access solution than other ladder kinds. In contrast to a step ladder or a single section roof ladder, a double extension ladder can be closed or retracted. It not only makes it shorter, making it easier to store, possibly in or on top of a van but also easier to carry and move.

The double extension ladder on rent is a flexible piece of equipment that can be used- for various occupations and trades. Because they can reach different heights, they are helpful for guttering, roof maintenance, painting, and a variety of other duties.


  • Locks adjust halfway between the steps.
  • It has rubber feet to protect against scratches.
  • It includes safety locks, safety limits, polypropylene, and pulleys.
  • Square-shaped rungs that are large and comfy.
  • Ladder of the extendable variety.
  • The rigid locking hook glides easily through rope and pulley.
  • 150 Kgs is the maximum safe working load.

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ARESScaffolding Iraq is a scaffolding manufacturer and supplier that provides the highest quality Aluminum Ladders in Iraq, including Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil, Abu Ghraib, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, and Amara. We not only deal with ladders but also with aluminum and steel scaffolding. The last thing to consider is whether you will need any attachments to improve the safety of your ladder. Choosing the right accessories is just as important as the right ladder.

Our client’s safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we label all of our double extension ladders for sale clearly. As well as tested by our team of specialists under the observation of quality controllers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries about double extension ladders.