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Area We Serve Iraq provides Aluminum Scaffolding, Aluminum Ladders, Building Materials, and Steel Scaffolding for all types of construction projects. As a result, our riches must inspire us to expand our wings globally. Furthermore, we offer a variety of steel and aluminum products under the name Aluminum Scaffolding for sale. We also set up aluminum ladders with various types of stepping stools such as stool, streetcar, multipurpose, supportive, and so on. Moreover, we work with two different types of materials: steel and aluminum.

ARESScaffolding Iraq has a well-established scaffolding manufacturer and supplier company. Our specialty now spans a wide range of items that have been demonstrated to provide clients with the quickest, safest, and most sensible solution. In addition, for your work at height, we give a high-quality platform and stepping stools.

1. Iraq 

2. Baghdad 

3. Basra 

4. Mosul 

5. Erbil 

6. Abu Ghraib 

7. Sulaymaniyah 

8. Kirkuk 

9. Najaf    

10. Karbala 

11. Amara

On the whole, our company produces high-quality raw materials to make our scaffolds more cost-effective and valuable. Also, these focal areas guided us in providing the best service to our clients. As well as aid us in maintaining our record of never perplexing our customers.

We and Our Colleagues:

Our team intends to serve throughout the world for an extended length of time. Our products end up being the best on the market without sacrificing quality or quantity. Indeed, we provide several advantageous aspects to our clients, such as pocket-friendly product prices due to the worth and quantity of the products. Therefore, we keep your safety in mind, which is why we are the leading scaffolding on rent manufacturer. So, our crew is well-equipped to take on any task.

Our focus is on client happiness and security standards. As a result, we placed them above everything. Customers are the ones who help your company grow. Hence, we support our work environment in every way possible. Furthermore, we successfully ensure that we set standards through our quality administrations and products. Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil, Abu Ghraib, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Najaf, Karbala, and Amara are among the cities we serve in Iraq. Also, we assist everyone from modest residences to large-scale commercial development and industrial industries.